Virgin Active launches new exercise classes for kids

September 3, 2014

Well done to Virgin Active for launching a new kids’ exercise class at some of the branches around the country. It sounds like such a great concept, I’m not sure why no one thought of it earlier?

The programme, called Kaos (a play on the word “chaos?”, is a 45-minute exercise session designed to get kids moving, and build up their fitness. Kaos is divided into two groups – kids 8 – 10, and 11 – 13, and I’m assured that children of any fitness level will manage fine, and fit in.


The classes take place in an around gym – for example in a studio, on the gym floor with equipment, or outside in the fresh air.They’ll also take place during off-peak and peak hours.

The classes are available to children who are dependants on their parents’ memberships. If a child is not a member of Virgin-Active, they will have to join the gym.

For info on classes, head to the Virgin Active website to see timetables.

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