If you’re new to BB creams, here’s one to try – Garnier

June 11, 2014

There are two questions I often see on social media – what is a BB cream, and what is a good one to try.

For those who don’t know, BB stands for blemish balm, though it’s not *only* for those with blemishes. BB cream can be used on any skin types, and most brands will have shades to suit all skin colours.  A good BB cream will prime skin, even out complexion, cover imperfections and redness, hydrate and brighten up skin.

For those with good skin, it can serve as the only cover-up you’ll need, but in my case, I need much heavier coverage, and I generally use BB cream under my foundation, or on weekends when I’m less conscious, or even to the gym and shops during the week.

One BB cream that keeps coming up on beauty editors’ “best of” lists, and comes recommended by moms (perhaps we need it the most) and many women is Garnier. New to the BB offering is BB Cream PureActive, and BB Cream Eye Roll-On.



Tube 1


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I can’t say I’m noticing a massive difference with the eye cream, which promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags, conceal signs of fatigue, blur fine lines, illuminate and hydrate. I think it might have something to do with having very dark circles, and needing more coverage than any BB cream could provide.

I love the BB cream for face though. It’s great for basic coverage, but for going out to functions and meetings, I definitely need proper foundation.

Both products come in light and medium shades, and the eye roll-on is around R69.95, and the face cream R84.95.

Would I recommend these? I’d recommend the face cream, definitely. Would I buy them for myself? The face cream, yes. Does it beat or match up to other high-end BB creams I’ve used? Yes, which makes me realise once again how much I overspend on big names.



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