Healthy habits to do, in the loo

September 23, 2019


As moms, we’re probably not that afraid of mess, nappy contents and toilet training, so I know I’m in good company writing about toilet hygiene, and how to wipe properly. I mean, there’s not much off limits that we don’t chat about to each other, or post on Facebook in parenting groups or on mommy platforms, right?

So I feel we’re all comfortable to tackle the subject of hygiene in the loo, and if we’re all wiping our boy and girl bits properly, and if your kids are doing the same. Yes, when we were growing up we learnt the golden rules when using the toilet of wiping yourself to keep clean and prevent odours as well as washing your hands afterwards to prevent the spread of bacteria. But how clean are you? Is using toilet paper enough to give you the confidence and clean that you need?

According to Baby Soft, research has shown that 63% of parents don’t believe their children are ready to go to the toilet alone when they start school. This is mainly because their kids aren’t au fait with wiping themselves properly, and therefore leaving unpleasant odours.

Baby Soft has therefore developed the Baby Soft Clean Routine. The Clean Routine is an easy-to-remember 5 step guide that gives parents and children a helping hand when it comes to teaching and practising cleanliness.

Here are the 5 steps:

  1. Use a quality dry toilet paper like Baby Soft, and use 3-4 sheets per wipe until the paper is clean to avoid chafing your delicate, intimate skin.
  2. Only wipe from front to back, and never re-fold toilet paper to avoid coming into contact with harmful bacteria.
  3. To feel even cleaner, use 1-2 sheets of Baby Soft Moist Toilet Tissue to help you get and feel even cleaner.
  4. Finish by patting dry with Baby Soft dry toilet paper to protect your intimate area and achieve the right moisture levels.
  5. Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water, and dry thoroughly. It’s the single best way to stop the spread of germs.

Good to know:

Baby Soft Moist Toilet Tissues are flushable, and skin pH friendly. They’re available in two variants: Fresh White, with a cotton fresh fragrance; and Skin Kind, which is enriched with Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

I love using these moist tissues in a pinch – cleaning mascara I’ve smudged, or wiping my toddler’s sticky hands when we’re on the go.

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